Have you ever been in that place, where you knew you were lying, but you didn’t accept it?

That happens to all of us. There are many situations in life and events where our inside keeps reminding us that don’t go that way, you are lying! Which means we keep denying harsh truths of life…


Maybe it’s easier to be comfortable? And it’s in human nature that it’s comfortable to live a life with lies as it’s easier rather than embracing simple truths.

The bad news…

“ It’s a deceptive life.”

The good news…

“You can take charge of it!”


Start accepting that you lie to yourself just to be comfortable. Become aware of this fact to start living a life where you discover yourself with your negative aspects also. That will transform you!

Originally published at https://deeplife91.blogspot.com on September 27, 2021.




This blog is about deeper meaning of life. We all face this in a lifetime, that — as if, everything has just become stuck. It happens, when we overthink our problems and hardships.
“The problem is not the problem:the problem is the attitude towards the problem.”
Captain Jack Sparrow (from The Pirates of the Caribbean.)
So, if you are facing such situation.. this little effort might work for all of you out there, finding a way to get out of it.

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