Freedom of Speech

“There is nothing more wonderful than freedom of speech.” Ilya Ehrenburg

So true, but… I must ask, ‘Do we use it wisely?’

We all have freedom of saying anything but some people take it too far…

We see or face many people who are made fun of, or who make fun of others, they are being bullied, and many come up with thier negative thoughts…

Have you ever thought upon that why people do that? What’s the reason behind letting other person or a group down?

People who excel in mind sciences and psychology experts disintegrate the reason into two possibilities…

Complex and Fear.

Let’s talk on them one by one…

Talking on the first one, people come with majorly two kinds of complexities; Superiority and Inferiority. The seeds of both are developed way beyond then anyone of us could have ever imagined. It happens to those people, who stick to their past firmly. They don’t let the bad memories go, they gather their anger and use it to hurt or make fun of others when they find it easy.

About the second one, Fear is something common between all of us. But people who keep working on letting down others actually fear that their place might be taken from them. They fear that what they own, might be transferred to anyone else.

In short, Both feeds anger and jealousy somehow; leading the person to achieve success by taking wrong roads rather than using their own intelligence, efforts and hard-work.

My advice to all is, even if you have hardships behind you, make them stairs for yourself… slowly and steadily step on them till you reach your desired destiny. Not only this, also show others the light you hold. Try to make this world a better place. It’s going to be short-lived.

Before harming or hurting anyone, think of people whom you made fun of but you lost them already, who aren’t with you now or are resting in peace.

Yes, being free to say anything is everyone’s right, but even freedom comes with some code of conduct. It is actually to know when to hold your tongue and when not to use it. It is to know, what choice of words should be taken if you want to convey your thoughts and words to others. Use it wisely, as words can stop and start many indifferences. Make your words matter by changing people’s lives in a positive way.

But, still… no one has right to troll anyone and that should be taken into account.



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