Ironic or something Foreseeable?

I was talking to a fellow coach living in Ukraine about the inside game and this is what she said:

The core reason is Putin needs leverage to negotiate with the US and European Union to make sure NATO doesn’t come close to him. He also wants to show power and dreams of bringing back several former Soviet republic together again. He wants it to be his legacy. But it’s all extrapolations of course. Nobody knows for sure. He’s been trying to regain control over Ukraine ever since he lost it in 2004. It worked for him in 2010. But then he lost it again we threw out our pro-Russian president Yanukovich. Now he manipulated the minds of people with this new puppet president. That was a long-term strategy and preparation for what’s happening now.

What’s the media portraying…

One side of story is, as we all know the political reasons and interests. The other side of the story is again, as we all know about Putin pin pointed to play the “negatives” - just displaying what needs to be shown against Russia.

The other side of the story or maybe the hidden side lies in this Question:

Is Russia a threat?

In order to understand a little more, let’s see things besides politics also. This might give a bit clear picture of what might be of real interest to media and what might be the real threats behind this all … you will decide who is carrying what interest?

Ukraine’s Location

Ukraine is a country that connects Russia and Euorope. Ukraine was given Independence on a condition they won’t become a part of EU. But, when you look closely at history Ukraine has been playing a hypocritical kind of role to keep up to Russia as well as EU for their own better interests, which is all normal to do and called as “Diplomacy”.

On the other hand, we all know that giving your words and turning away is always unethical in every field of life.

Theological summary of Russia

Back in 2012 (Wikipedia)

2017 (Wikipedia)

Russian Orthodoxy is on high level increase,still to this date.

It won’t be wrong to say that, religion has been always a threat,a major one and this Russian Orthodoxy is actually the pure form of “Christianity”, right now in this world.

And when we see christian history a little bit more, we are aware that how many Bible versions are there? Many being a version of carrying changes to get one’s own interests only. (Not disrespecting with any of them, stating facts only. )

Can we say…

Can we say that media and politics is just the apparent version of the story right now?

That again, it’s what always has been like before, distraction from the real matters. The core issues.

Is it politics or Russian Orthodoxy, a real threat?



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