What 2021 Saw So Far?

4 min readJan 21, 2021


2020 passed, but it seems it’s not over yet… as, 2021 saw some similar stuff going on so far. I’ll be mentioning some burning and top issues, relatable to both years. So, let’s have a look at it…

1. Joe Biden gets Elected

This is my top story right now, and as soon as he took control he made some really positive changes to the Government. Not just that, he lifted the ‘Muslim ban’ , which indicates that a new era is going to be there without Racial or Religious inequalities. Plus, Obama being a good friend, may bring stop to many biases we faced in 2020. Added to that its an end to the term,“Trumpism”.

2. Elon Musk

We know that he is owner of Tesla, a well known company of cars. And we are talking about a millionare who is trying to make SpaceX a true thing.

He got ranked on being a No.1 , among world’s most richest people. And after knowing that, he plans to donate some for charity and rest for creating a suitable space city on Mars.

3. COVID’19

Although vaccines are available, still increasing rate in cases and deaths is alarming. Many of us are again in ‘lockdown’ and ‘ curfews’, but just to stay safe.

But COVID’19 gave a new life to “E world” and brought much importance to ‘Mental Health Awareness’.

4. Investment

Lockdowns helped many to invest. And many investment companies got active to promote investment and give it’s awareness to all about it’s importance. It’s actually supposed to be speculated as best times to “Invest”.

5. Human Rights

We know UN has been working for many rights, and WHO for food and health deprived areas. They are still working for it. But, we all know there were some contradictory topics raised by Amnesty International.

True that, but the raised voice caused many to protest as, topics like abortion and same gender marriage is controversial to many. As protestors believe, every living has a basic right to live.

And the later is quite unethical for the societal healthy environment.

These topics are still being raised by both communities, protestors and supporters. Let’s see, where it ends.

6. Climatic Change

Why I put that in the last??? Actually this should be the first important thing to shed light upon. But, we as humans get indulged in smaller issues, in controversies, in politics, in current affairs. But, have you thought about it, that, what if we are near another Ice Age, of what climate experts tell us? Have we made any preparation for that?Or will it end up like the uncertain Covid-19 with many deaths and losses? Although we know it’s coming and might cause things go adverse, deliberately.

So far it seems same, but it’s never too late. Let’s unite and work together, after all we are all inhabitants of this earth. Let’s make 2021 useful in a sense that secures our future and our generation’s. Let’s come together for good!

Think on that…




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