“History Repeats Itslef.” If you haven’t been believing in this phrase,I think you should! Because what’s coming ahead seems to open the same chapter, when west was continuosly working against Khilafat.

It all started when Khalifa Abdul Hamid-2 became Sultan and due to his strong beliefs and love of Prophet Muhammad(SAW) became dear to Muslim world all around the world and on other hand he was laying down a base on creating a railway route to connect Muslim areas ia a train that would stop in Mecca for Pilgrims.The popularity was unbearable for British Queen of that time,so in order to know the plan they sent sveral agents but were dumb founded. This made the west furious and they made a 100 year plan just to finish Khilafat System and it included the plan where youngsters were targeted so they could easily forget thier purpose and all.

What’s repeating here?

World knows that how important are trade routes, like CPEC? It would not only help Pakistan to develop more economically but also otherwise.The reason west at that time didnt want Muslims to complete railway project at that time was that one question of ,Why Muslims should Grow? Plus right now we don’t have Khilafat but a true Muslim representative leader who believes in ASOLUTELY NOT!

Not only this, Turkiye’s Treaty of Laussane is ending next year and Erdogan has given two major anouncements of gettin Mecca back and Jerusalem(Quds).

Muslim Unity is what they might be afraid off or is it Quds also, just like before?

During Khilafat of Abdul Hamid-2, Theodore Herzel wrote a book in which he introduced a concept which was already nullified by his father.The Israel’s flag was also introduced then.His eyes and west’s eyes were on Quds. That’s why Christians and Jews,who forgot thier real teachings -at that time worked together to achieve that purpose for thier own individual personal benefits , while others chose the Khalifa.

What’s coming Ahead?

One possibility is the revival of Turks back into power.The other big picture here is Russia-Ukranian War has led people to think on WW3. Same scenario was created to let Khilafat down at that time. It was to change the super power.Many say, that by the end of 2023 a war is coming that might be initiated by Germans, Russia or US deliberately.We can see that even if both want to come to terms ,the other refuses-and we know who is refusing.The ones who are actualy dreaming as same as Herzel.War might be a distraction from muslim unity… a way to distract and instill fear in youth.

So the pattern from very start has been the same… French trying to rage up Muslims by making fun of our beloved Prophet(SAW)-about which Khalifa took charge of matter before it could reach people, false news and publications against believers of Orthodoxy and Muslims,creating sectarian divide,using youth through mental slavery of Economy.

All is going to shift by 2023, to whom where… that’s early to say. but, yes if all this is as it is,2023 holds already a historical position.



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